News.Google.com/ArchiveSearch: Sort The Archives

They’ve done it again. While some were disappointed with Google’s Browser, the folks who revolutionized the way we search the internet have made it easier for us to search through news.
Over at News.google.com/archivesearch, you’ll be able to search through news articles on any topic, from any point in time. For instance, you’ll be able to track your favorite musician’s career from humble beginnings to superstardom.

As if this wasn’t enough, you’ll be able to automatically generate timelines that will allow you to easily visualize your search results.
Remember when you used to go to the library to sort through old microfilm? This site takes that concept and blows it out of proportion.
By harnessing the power of Google’s search algorithms, this site will let you find news on anything, from anywhere, and from anytime.
Whether you’re doing research, or you just want to reminisce about old times, this new service from Google is what you’ve been looking for.

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